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Microcap Stock:
A Guide for Investors

National Financial Communications Corp. (NFC) is leading small- and micro-cap companies into the 21st century. Now in our 18th year of business, NFC is one of the nation's longest running investor relations and financial communications firms for the small- and micro-cap community. To-date, we've helped over 1,000 publicly traded companies achieve greater market awareness, increase their shareholder base, and find sources of financing. Today, our integrated traditional investor relations services, Internet marketing, and email and direct mail campaigns are as innovative as the companies we represent. Take a look around and see why more and more companies are choosing NFC as their one-stop source for their investor relations and marketing needs.

"Mind your Own Business"
A Radio Show for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

In case you missed my appearance on the "Mind your Own Business" Radio Show
December 26, 2010